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Some mentors and students stay in the classroom and others head to the EHS library. After submitting the DPS Excursion Permission Slip to Aimee, mentors may also take students off campus, for example, to coffee shops on Colfax. 


Though your relationship with your student will evolve, here are a few clear expectations for you and your student. (See also the Ground Rules from your training.) In addition, you will receive support and encouragement from a large community of fellow mentors who are passionate about helping students. 

Mentor Expectations

  • Read the weekly A+ Angels newsletter, emailed to you each Sunday evening, for announcements, schedule changes, mentoring tips, interesting articles and other related information. Let Aimee know if you are not receiving the newsletter.

  • Mentors of freshmen and sophomore meet in the classroom before class begins at 8:20 and are expected to return their student to the classroom before the end of the period at 9:55.  Juniors and seniors begin at 9:00 and need to be back by 10:35.

  • Learn your student's preferred communication method. Many students prefer texting. Other students do not have a smart phone and rely on email.

  • Communicate regularly with your student. Throughout the year, you may discuss schedules, homework, absences, fun activities, family or personal issues ... or you may just provide an encouraging word.

  • Treat sensitive information about students, and their families, thoughtfully. You are in a position of trust.

  • Advocate for your student.

  • Be a positive role model. 

Student Expectations

At the beginning of the year, students are told to:

  • Engage with you and be an active participant in the relationship.

  • Respect you and your time.

  • Be on time, or let you know if they're running late or will be absent.

  • Talk to you.

  • Ask for help.

  • Take advantage of your willingness to help them.

  • Be nice to you. :-)

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