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Summer Jobs and Volunteering

Summer jobs and volunteering are significant growth opportunities for teens. Through these activities they learn to be more independent and confident. Most importantly, students will learn how to collaborate and extend their community awareness beyond school and their own neighborhoods. You can encourage your student to look for work and volunteer opportunities, and help them in this effort.  

Job for Teens

Students can receive a youth employment certificate when they turn 15 years of age. Applications are available in the Registration Office, Room 229. 


The following list of resources is by no means exhaustive, but it will help you get started.

  • The search tool HIRE TEEN helps teens find summer employment in Colorado.

  • The Office of Economic Development works with local employers to create job opportunities for youth.  Students should start by creating a profile on Connecting Colorado.

  • Colorado regulates employment of minors. See the Colorado Youth Law Fact Sheet for details.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering is a rewarding experience for people of all ages. Inspire your student to get involved in our community and get behind a cause they care about. 


Denver has hundreds of nonprofits that serve a wide variety of populations and causes. Students may volunteer on the weekends, after school, or during the summer--any time outside of school. Use this list of websites and resources to help you and your student find an exciting volunteer opportunity. 

  • volunteer opportunity search tool.

  • Youth Roots is a nonprofit that "empowers teens to confidently pursue their passions." The organization selects Denver high school students and, with the support of community leaders, they stimulate community change by designing and carrying out their projects. See the Youth Roots brochure for details.

  • Green Way Leadership Corps. Students complete work projects to help out the South Platte Greenway, complete team-building exercises and hear from different guest speakers in the environmental field. 

  • Denver Museum of Nature and Science program for teens aged 14 to 17. 

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