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Success Stories

The value of the mentor is sometimes obscured by ordinary adolescent challenges and setbacks. As a mentor, you can experience success from the small to the large, the seemingly insignificant to the obvious achievement: an assignment turned in on time without a reminder, a sincere greeting, improved habits ... graduation.

 From Students

"What I like about A+ Angels Mentor Program is that it helps you stay on task, on task with your grades, and you get help with life skills you're going to need."

"If I was to recommend the A+ Angels Mentor Program to someone, I would tell them that it is a great program to be in because you get to encounter different people from you and experience worldwide things you might not ever do."


"I feel like I've become part of her family. She's like a second mom. Her son and I hang out."


From Mentors

Britney grew up in a financially-challenged, single parent household. She has participated in the A+ Angels program for all four years at East High School. While attending East, Britney participated in the Trio High School Upward Bound Program at Metro State University. Britney and I met at least weekly at East and frequently went to the theater, movies, museums, the Botanical Gardens, and restaurants together. We (almost) have a dedicated table at Panera's in Stapleton where we have spent many a Saturday and Sunday afternoon exploring, among other things, the mysteries of biology and chemistry and working on ACT preparation. Britney is excited to be attending the University of Colorado, Boulder.  She is a first generation college student for her family. (Written by Brittney's mentor, Judy)


Keishon will be attending Fort Lewis College in Durango this fall. A 4-year starter on East’s Varsity football team, lightning quick #26 will soon be playing for the Skyhawks family. Keishon’s work ethic on and off the field are an inspiration to his peers, his family and the adults who are lucky enough to be in his life. He has a magnetic personality, a keen sense of humor, and is extremely polite and respectful. By virtue of his many gifts, he is well known at East and has been willing to help other A+ Angels students when they were struggling with math or writing. Keishon’s ultimate goal is to be a train engineer, and he plans to pursue a degree that will enable him to realize this dream. Keishon is a first generation college attendee. (Wrtten by Keishon's mentor, Liz)

From Teachers

"Thanks for reaching out. Her final project was a full 100/100 points. MUCH improvement and a lot of thoughtful writing from her. Thanks for helping her with this. 


"She NEEDS to understand the importance of not just doing work, but applying herself to it, and doing it on time. We're all (including yourself, perhaps yourself more than anyone else) trying to get this message through to her....Thank you for being such a clear support for her. "

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