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Mentoring 101

Whether you've been a parent of teenagers, or are new to working with them, as a mentor you are making a difference to a student who might otherwise fall through the cracks. Remember that, first and foremost, your student is a teenager -- and teens can be forgetful and flaky. Be patient and forgiving as you help them to be responsible and accountable. 

Introducting East High School

Even if you're not a parent or graduate of East yourself, you can probably tell that this school is beloved and respected throughout the community. Get acquainted, or reacquainted, with East with this introductory list of rules, resources and recommendations.   More ...


Your relationship with your student will evolve, but get started on the right foot by reviewing this short list of expectations of both you and your student.   More...

The Big Picture -- Start Here

Mentoring can mean different things to different mentor-student pairs. But there is a base set of Information -- about the A+ Angels class, grades and studying, and other ways to help your student -- that apply to all A+ Angels mentors.  More ...

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