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Standardized Testing

All students will take a version of the SAT during school hours in April, free of charge. Freshmen will take the PSAT9, Sophomores will take the PSAT, and Juniors will take the SAT. While many colleges do not require a standardized test score for admission, it is one of the DPS competency requirements for graduations. Therefore, we encourage students to take the test and take it seriously.  

SAT Prep 

Beginning in February each year, A+ Angels offers SAT prep in class to juniors and seniors. Many mentors provide additional coaching. Ask the EHS Librarian for a recommended study book.

SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test)

In 2016, the SAT was revamped. The College Board, who administers the SAT, promotes the new version as having "free world-class practice; optional essay; no penalty for guessing; and vocab you'll use long after test day." Many say it is now more like the ACT.

The state-issued SAT is given to juniors in April at no cost to students. However, this version does not include the writing portion, which many colleges and universities prefer. Students can take the SAT test as many as 12 times to improve their score. The highest score is automatically submitted to colleges. Six test dates are offered during the school year. Contact the EHS Counseling Department for a need-based fee waiver.

For test dates and to register, go to the SAT website.


Students wishing to take the ACT may register on their own. Contact EHS Counseling Department for a need-based fee waiver. More information.

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